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Charles Town, WV, 25414
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Cornerstone Lawn Services is a full-service, commercial & residential lawn and landscape company serving Jefferson, Berkley County, and Northern Virginia.

Lawn Care, Landscaping & Snow Removal.

Lawn Care - Freq. Asked Questions??

Lawn Care - Freq. Asked Questions??

Justin Francis

Lawn Care - Freq. Asked Questions??


 I have been waiting all winter for you to get started on my lawn. When do you normally start service?

We get started when the snow clears and the weather permits. Typically, this is around April 1st. Each year is a little different depending upon the weather. ☀️


How often should my lawn be mowed? 

 Our teams plan to visit your property every 7-14 days as the weather dictates. If it's hot and dry with no rain, our mowing team leaders will determine if the lawn should be mowed or skipped until the next week. 

I want my lawn to look green and healthy.. how can I do that? 

The best approach is to develop a Turf Management Program for your lawn. A member from our team can provide you a multi-step plan on how we can help get your lawn looking green and healthy again! With our multi-step plan that services your property throughout the season, you won't have to worry anymore about your lawn! Click here  to request a FREE estimate now. 

When do you stop mowing?

Our lawn care agreements run until the end of November. Most commonly we will visit the property at least 1-2 times to perform final mowings for the year. During the last few visits of the year, we focus on cutting up any fallen leaves to promote a clean and finished appearance for your lawn in preparation for the winter months. 
At what height should my lawn be cut?

In our service area, we find that the most common types of grass are both Fescue and Rye grass. Our cutting height will fluctuate throughout the mowing season depending on the weather. We aim to maintain a height between 3.00" - 3.75".

During the wet season, we aim to cut shorter because the grass grows quickly. In the heat of the summer when things become dry, we will cut higher to help keep the lawn healthy and green as long as possible. 


Should there be grass clippings?

 If our teams are mowing regularly there should be minimal grass clippings left after each visit. If we are not mowing regularly, grass clippings will be left on the lawn. It's ok to have some clippings after mowing. They will provide a nutrient source to the grass plant as the organic material decays. When leaving clippings on the lawn, it is important to check the thickness of thatch. A thatch layer greater than 1 inch may prevent the clippings from reaching the soil. In this case, you will need to consider de-thatching your lawn. 


What happens if it rains?

If rainy or inclement weather occurs during or on your scheduled service date, and we cannot complete your project on that day, we reserve the right to reschedule and return to the project at our next available opportunity. As lawn and landscaping professionals, we aim to serve every customer with the upmost professionalism and high quality workmanship, and we do not wish to damage or compromise any property or facility. Inclement weather occurs often in our service region and can cause delays in service. We are not held responsible for the weather or the forecast. Should multiple days of inclement weather occur, naturally our schedule will be delayed. However, our teams are prepared to do their best to get caught up! Our administration will decide at the start of each business day if our teams will be dispatched for the work day. We thank you for your patience and understanding in advance! 

What is included in my lawn mowing service?   

Our "Professional Lawn Care" service includes: Mowing, String Trimming, Edging, and Blowing of clippings from sidewalks and driveways. 


Do you pull weeds in flower beds and tree rings?  

 Yes. we do; however, this is NOT included in our weekly lawn care services unless otherwise noted in your agreement. If you would like an estimate for our team to help maintain your landscape Click here  for a FREE Estimate!


Do you pick up trash?  

Our mowing teams are trained to police all of our properties for trash during each visit to your property. However if we notice that there is excessive trash or debris on a recurring basis, we will be sure to notify you and ask that you help us keep the property clean and clear in anticipation for our upcoming visits.  



For additional questions or comments please feel free to call 304-707-0437 or email us at: