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154 Wolfcraft Way
Charles Town, WV, 25414
United States


Cornerstone Lawn Services is a full-service, commercial & residential lawn and landscape company serving Jefferson, Berkley County, and Northern Virginia.

Lawn Care, Landscaping & Snow Removal.

Snow & Ice Management - Freq. Asked Questions??

Snow & Ice Management - Freq. Asked Questions??

Justin Francis

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Snow & Ice Management - Freq. Asked Questions??

What areas do you offer snow & ice management services?
 We service and maintain commercial facilities in Jefferson County WV, Berkeley County WV, Clarke County VA, and the Northern Virginia area. Covering approximately 15-20 miles radius from main office in Charles Town, WV 
What is the minimum snowfall amount before you provide service?
 Our typical trigger would be once 2" of snow fall has fallen. At that time, our teams should be mobilized and ready to service your property. 
Do you have a seasonal snowfall limit?
 No. Whether it snows one time or 50 times, we're prepared to provide unlimited service for all snowfalls of 2" or greater.
Will the parking lot be cleared before 7 AM?
Our goal is to have each property accessible by open of business. Each client may vary depending on hours of operation, or specifications within their snow & ice management agreement. 
When is payment due?
Once a snow event has been completed, we will generate invoices within 7 days of the completion of the event. Once billed, all invoices are due within 30 day of the invoice date. 

What methods of payment do you accept?
 Check, Credit Card, ACH, and Direct Deposit

Do I need to call you when it snows?
No, although we are always happy to speak with you - you can count on us to be there each time our trigger is reached. Too take it one step further, a member from our team will contact you should we need to make any changes, or expect a change in the weather event. 

How do you communicate with your clients during a snow event?
We communicate via phone, email, and text message. Which ever is your preferred as method of contact. 

How often do you come per snow event?
For general snow removal, under “most/normal” situations, our goal is to visit your property every 2 inches.

How do you measure snow accumulation and/or ice?
We are aware that accumulation and/or conditions can be very different in other areas, so we've partnered with "Weather Works Certified Snowfall Totals" for accurate totals. After each storm we receive certified snowfall totals from Weather Works for each area we service. This allows us to provide fair and accurate reporting for our clients. 


Do you plow the entire property during each visit?  

Our goal is to simply keep the drive lanes and major traffic areas open and accessible during the weather event. Once the weather event has passed, our teams will be sure to extend/widen drive lanes, open parking lots, and completely clear sidewalks to promote a clear and safe passage.  


What is your pre-treatment policy?  

We carefully monitor the local municipalities as well as the state department. If they choose to pre-treat the roadways then our team will be sure to treat your property as well. Thus allowing us to fall in line with the local governing authority.