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Cornerstone Lawn Services is a full-service, commercial & residential lawn and landscape company serving Jefferson, Berkley County, and Northern Virginia.

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The Ultimate Fall Clean Up Checklist

The Ultimate Fall Clean Up Checklist

Justin Francis

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☑️ Clean all the Debris and Leaves

The first task to do is to clean up all the debris in the lawn. Remove all the garbage including the fallen leaves from the garden. If there are many leaves, you can use the leaf blower to remove all the dead leaves from your lawn. You can use these leaves as compost for the plants in the yard.

☑️ Replace the Dead or Yellow Grass

As the leaves begin to lay on the grass, they care turn the grass yellow and begin to choke it out due to lack of sunlight and oxygen. Removing the heavy blanket of leaves from your lawn can ensure that your lawn will be ready for new growth come next Spring!

☑️ Mow the Grass

Once all the leaves are removed from the lawn it’s best to perform one last mowing for the season. This will help cut up any excess leaves, give you a clean cut finish and prepare the lawn for the winter months,

☑️ Fertilize the Grass

You should give the required nutrients for the grass before your turf goes into hibernation. The nutrients help the grass to withstand the harsh winter conditions and keep it lush and healthy. If you prefer a natural approach, then use organic or homemade composts.

☑️ Plant the Shrubs and Other Plants

The fall season is the best season to plant any shrub or perennials in your lawn. The cold and moist conditions of the soil help the plants to establish their roots and get established in the yard.

☑️ Trim the Dead and Useless Branches

Take a look at all the trees and shrubs in your landscape. You may find many dead and weak branches. Removing these undesirable areas of your trees and shrubs will help prepare them for new growth come Spring of next year!

☑️ Clean the Vegetable Garden on the Lawn

If you have vegetable plants in your garden, then it is time to clean up all the debris and all the dead leaves around the yard. After the removal, add a layer of compost to all the plants in the vegetable garden.

☑️ Pick Out Bulb Plants

Spring is the season for beautiful and colorful flowering plants. Tulips, daffodils and other flower plants are the perfect picks to create a colorful spring garden.

☑️ Protect the Sensitive Plants in the Garden

Some plants and shrubs cannot withstand too much of heat and sunlight. You can install frost guards for the in-ground vegetation and also move the potted plants into indoors.

☑️ Divide the Perennials

This is the best time to cut back the overgrown perennials in the lawn. You can transplant the plants into other place or a pot or share the plants with your neighbors.

☑️ Mulch the Plants

Mulching tree rings and flower beds in the fall is like giving your landscape a blanket to keep warm during the cold months. It will help protect the trees and shrubs from frost damage. Mulching helps keep the soil warm and helps to reduce soil erosion.

☑️ Turn off Irrigation & Sprinklers

If there is water present in your irrigation or springs, then there is a chance that the water freezes and causes the pipes to crack. Be sure to call your local irrigation and sprinkler professionals to help winterize your system.

☑️ Clean the Tools and Store them

Take time to clean all the tools and apply oil coating on the surfaces of the devices. The oil coating will prevent rusting in the cold season.

Don’t have time? Let our team help you prepare for the winter season.. ❄️⛄️